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How can I match my colours quickly?

If you call in and tell us that the sample is urgent we will post it to you same day by first class post. Our contact number is 02085991800.

How can I make my carpet purchase cheaper?

 If you have a low traffic room then you do not need to select a heavyweight carpet.

If your rooms are difficult sizes then we may be able to assist you by emailing us a diagram drawing of your room/s with dimensions and we can then help minimise expensive wastage.

Sometimes if you use 4 metre carpets, the fitter can place the seam in an unobtrusive place and you can then avoid the heavy wastage sometimes involved with 5 metre carpet

What factors influence the weight of yarn in the carpet?

Quality of yarn. In the case of wool carpets this can vary from fine light New Zealand wool capable of taking beautiful pastel shades to much coarser darker wools from Southern Europe.

Tuft density. Carpet machines work much in the way as sewing machines by inserting yarn in stitches. A 1/10" gauge machine will insert 100 stitches per square inch as opposed to a 1/8" gauge machine with 64 stitches per square inch. This process produces a more durable and luxurious finish as the fibres tend to be more compact, perfect for high traffic areas with more yarn to take the weight. 1/10th gauge tends to be the BMW of the carpet world, a higher end product.

Pile length. The carpet manufacturer balances pile lengths dependant on the required characteristics including use, aesthetic look and effect and of course the price point.

How come your Flooring is so cheap? are able to offer a national service from one depot, this means we have a fraction of the overheads of other flooring retailers. We can thus provide our products at really competitive prices.

How can I be confident in your ability to deliver on time?

 This is the nature of our business, we sell and deliver flooring every day and have a file of favourable letters and emails from delighted customers that we will be happy to share with you. If you have a deadline, please kindly inform us and we will ensure that transportation is as timely as possible.

Are my credit card details safe?

Everything goes through Sagepay and Streamline giving you 100% security.

How will I handle the carpet when it arrives?

Unless you request special delivery arrangements then our transport company will deliver on ground floor level in a hallway or an easily accessible ground floor room.

Understandably we do need to make special arrangements when encountering inaccessible homes. To allow for these types of difficulties, we request that you kindly inform us via email or telephone and we will quite you a specific special delivery rate.