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Measuring Guide

Please find below an easy to follow guide to measuring a room.

Main Rooms

Please give all measurements in metric i.e. 3.65m wide x 4.20m long.

Always add an extra 5cm to the length and width for cutting tolerances, as we need to ensure sufficient carpet is supplied to complete your order.

Carpets are manufactured in 4m or 5m widths and the width of carpet ordered should also be rounded up to 4m or 5m. e.g. the above size should be rounded up to 4m x 4.25m. = 17square metres.

Measure the maximum length and width at the widest points, remembering to measure into the door frame as the carpet or vinyl should end under the door. Fig.2

Multiply the width measurement by the length measurement to give you the total square metres required.

To work out an approximate price take the square metre price, e.g. £14.99 and multiply it by your total square metres. £14.99 x 17m2 = £254.83 of course you will need to add other costs i.e. underlay, gripper, door plates if required and fitting for carpet and hardboard for vinyl if the floor is not level. All of this can be quoted for in our fully fitted service.


If the room is not a regular shape measure into any alcoves e.g. Fireplaces Fig 1, or a Doorway, Fig 2. The waste may be able to be used for other areas such as stairs or for joins in other rooms, so potentially this may save you money on your carpet. This will also help when planning the most economical way to use the carpet or vinyl, which can be available in different widths.

Please ensure that all measurements are taken carefully as rooms are not always square and in some properties the recesses of a room may be off set.

Don't forget to add 5cm to your measurements for cutting waste.

Hall Stairs & Landings

These are slightly more complicated. The pile direction should always be down the stairs and along the landing to go over and down the top step.

Measure the landing and hall as two rooms and give the number of stairs plus winders and inform us if the bottom step (bull nose) is fully carpeted all over.


With this information you can calculate an approximate cost of carpeting for your home.

If it is a difficult issue,  you can email us direct at We will be back to you within 24 hours . Of course your own fitter will be able to give you the accurate sizes of carpet required.